Custom Made Items in Glendenning

Monfort Engineering in Glendenning offers expertise in the manufacture of complex and custom part designs to meet our customers’ unique needs and specification by using a variety of machining functions. Input material used for customized products can be dry-pressed, iso-pressed or extruded to achieve the desired outcome and product requirements.

Innovative Process and Support Expertise

We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest statistical process control methods in the manufacture of complex and custom parts to respond to our customers’ challenges. Our team of expert engineers assists customers in maximizing the mechanical properties of their applications by providing innovative alternatives and design concepts.

Varied Machine Capabilities

We offer a variety of complex and custom design machining functions to meet a customer’s specific requirements. These include:

  • CNC Surface Grinding: used when a customer’s design has extremely tight tolerances – as low as 0.00008″, 80 millionths- which can only be achieved by surface grinding the material or to add in complex features such as grooves, notches, chamfers, radii and profiles.
  • OD/ID Grinding: used when a customer’s design has a tighter tolerance on the OD and/or ID profiling than can be met by pressing alone. The part is OD and/or ID ground to meet specifications. This type of machining can also apply any form, including threads, to tolerances as low as 0.0001”.
  • CNC Milling: used primarily to machine green (unfired) ceramic to near net shape, reducing the amount of post-fired machining which is more time-consuming and, therefore, costly. This function can also be used to mill in pockets, grooves, etc.
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Reclaim & Refurbishment

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Welding & Fabrication

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